Getting Started

Base URL

All requests to the Mesh API should be made to the following base URL.


The Mesh service utilizes a multi-tenant architecture where all data is stored under a specific application ID. All requests to the Mesh API must include your application ID in the request URL. You can find and/or create additional applications for the Mesh API in the our developer dashboard.{application_id}


The Mesh service is a JSON API. All requests made to the Mesh service require the following headers.

    Accept : application/json,
    Content-Type : application/json,


The Mesh service employs a token based authentication scheme using a authorization token. You can find your token by visiting the Mesh developer portal. The token must be supplied as an Authorization header for all requests.

  Authorization : Bearer <api_token>


Applications can query Mesh resource by supplying query parameters. All fields of an object are queryable, and associated objects (child objects) are queryable through their associated object IDs.

// User with email.{application_id}/users?email={email}

// Transactions for user.{application_id}/transactions?user_id={user_id}

Applications can also specify that they would like a count for a specific request by supplying a count value for the format parameter.

// Count of users for organization{application_id}/organization/{organization_id}/users?format=count


Applications can supply limit and offset parameters in order to paginate Mesh objects. The default limit is 50 and offset is 0.

  1. Supplying a limit of 50 and a offset of 0 will return object 0-59.
  2. Supplying a limit of 50 and a offset of 50 will return object 50-99.


All Mesh dates are UNIX formatting timestamp integers with millisecond precision. Mesh provides created_at and updated_at values for all Mesh objects. The created_at value will be the time at which the record was originally created at its original source. The updated_at value will apply to updates that occur on subsequent updates to the model within Mesh.

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